6 tips for the end of the day when the weather is great in Lower Franconia

This year, the ice saints are probably only in the form of ice balls that melt in the sun: on Wednesday, the holy Mamertus, it gets up to 30 degrees warm in Lower Franconia. In some places, temperatures even rise to over 30 degrees. According to the German Weather Service, this should remain the warmest day for the time being, but the temperatures should be similarly high until at least the middle of next week – with some cooling, possibly showers or warm thunderstorms on Thursday or in the night of Thursday.

Such great summer weather in spring must of course be exploited. The editors have collected tips on how to get the most out of the sunny end of the day.

1. Get out in the sun and get on your bike!

Bike friends have certainly longingly made their bikes spring-ready, checked the tires, tightened the brakes, oiled the chain. The weather is finally right for longer tours. Touring tips for the start of the cycling season will help you avoid overdoing it. Comfortable routes can even be found for the mountainous Spessart.

If you already feel fit and don’t have to pay so much attention to how strenuous the tour will be, you will find even more inspiration in the list below. For everyone else: Don’t worry, summer is coming. And by then you can certainly catch up on some training and one or the other larger tour can still work out.

2. Too hot to cycle? No problem: the region’s outdoor pools are already open

Jumping from the 5-meter tower, swimming a few quick laps or just letting yourself float in the water: all of this can now be done outside again! Here you will find an overview of when which outdoor pool opens.

Opening times, prices and addresses

3. Natural wet: tips for swimming in bathing lakes and bays

Main, Saale, Sinn: The region leaves little choice but to jump into the water. But be careful with the rivers. Bathing is not allowed everywhere and can quickly become dangerous. The editors tested six beautiful bathing bays in the Kitzingen district.

Here’s another insider tip: If the large and well-known bathing lakes get too much for you, you can enjoy bathing fun and a campfire at the Seidenhäuser See in the Haßberge district, for example.

4. Find inner refreshment: the beer gardens open again

Not every day can be full of action, even when the sun is shining. A place to enjoy the weather in comfort is definitely the beer garden. Some beer gardens were even open on the Easter holidays.

Anyone who keeps asking themselves how much a tip is actually appropriate can get tips from experts from the region here – not just for visiting the beer garden. The experts also clarify what influence inflation can have on tips.

5. Pull out your tongs: ideas for the barbecue season

Speaking of campfires: Where am I even allowed to have a barbecue? Anyone who decides to have a barbecue party at home must above all ensure that the rest times are observed. When sausages and grilled cheese get boring, there are now many exotic recipe ideas. For example, what does grilled scallops on avocado cream sound like? Grill professionals could try “smoking”, slow smoking on the grill.

A firefighter from Würzburg provides tips for barbecuing with the gas grill. The most important thing: connect the gas bottle correctly. Read more about it here. Should something happen, burns must be properly cooled. Incidentally, experts advise against using household items such as quark and butter.

6. Test your green thumb – or let your mind wander

Some can’t wait to pick up the barbecue tongs – others have long been in the starting blocks with garden shovels and watering cans. (Of course, it cannot be ruled out that these two groups overlap.) To get inspiration for your own garden, it is worth taking a tour of the Veitshöchheim show gardens.

The editors have compiled a list of additional tips for you:

What are you most looking forward to over the winter? Write to us in the comments!