6 unexpected sports to do in the workplace

Playing sports on the walls of the company: Ping pong against the walls

Among the many advantages of table tennis, you should know that this physical activity can be practiced by young people as well as by people in their sixties. It allows workers to let off steam and burn some extra calories in the age of smartphones and sedentary lifestyles.
It is a universal game, because it requires little skill and does not put too much strain on the joints. Also, it improves reflexes.

If you don’t have game equipment or want to spice up the game, playing ping pong against a wall may be the most suitable and fun solution.
This version of the ping pong game looks a bit like the racquetball. And if necessary, apply rules to awaken the competitiveness of your troops, for example a point scored counts as a double. Two racquets, one ball and you’re good to go.