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6-year-old special son of Evelina Bledans wrote a song about mom

11:33, 11/06/2018

                            Semyon Semin touchingly admitted the presenter in love.

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Today, TV presenter Evelina Bledans has published a touching video on her Instagram microblog, in which her 6-year-old son Simeon performs a song of her own composition. His father Alexander Semin accompanies the boy. “Until very late at night, I led a very beautiful anniversary in the Crimea, and in the meantime in Moscow, my Angel sang,” the TV host gently signed the publication (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given without changes. – Ed.).
“Sema wrote the song, and its premiere will take place today. Sema, what is the name of the song? ”Alexander Semin asked his son on the video. In response, the boy explained that the composition was called “About Mommy”, after which he performed the couplet of the song, which consists of repeating the phrase: “Mommy, Mommy. I love mommy. "

6-year-old son of Evelina Bledans wrote a song about mom
Note that in the middle of October, Sema underwent a planned operation. Alexander Semin told about the problems of his son, who was next to the boy all this time. In his microblog on Instagram, the former husband of a TV presenter published several photos with Sema, however, he decided not to talk about the reasons for hospitalization. The next morning after the operation, Alexander shared a new picture of the joyful son, in which his arm was bandaged. Under the photo Semin said that everything went well, so soon the baby will go home.
By the way, now Bledans is looking for a good specialized school for Sem. “We met with the father of the boy Andrei, who has autism. We talked about the Moscow specialized schools, since Semik is already looking after a trip to the first class, ”the TV presenter shared.

Sema Semin
Recall that Semyon Semin was born to Evelina Bledans and director and producer Alexander Semin on April 1, 2012. Being in the first trimester of pregnancy, the star learned that her baby is a carrier of Down syndrome. However, Evelyn did not think to abandon the child. From birth, the seeds of his parents make the life of his child as bright and intense as possible: his photos regularly appear on social networks, in the media pages. Mom Seeds combines a rich schedule of the actress and the role of a caring mother, and information about each important event in her son's life becomes the property of the media. Also, Evelina has a 24-year-old eldest son, Nikolai, who lives with her father in Israel, so she rarely sees her star mother.
By the way, in the middle of August, 49-year-old Bledans under the gun of the cameras of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live broadcast ”has undergone artificial insemination, as it decided that it wants to give birth to a third child. The TV presenter said that she had always dreamed of her daughter and now she decided. The star also said that she was not at all embarrassed by the fact that she was a single mother and that she was already raising her son Semyon without her husband. In late August, it became known that the IVF procedure was successful for Bledans and the actress would become a mother for the third time. Then there was information that Evelyn had already planned maternity leave. This was confirmed by representatives of the TV-3 channel, on which Bledans is broadcasting “The Invisible Man”.

Evelyn Bledans with ex-husband and son
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