60-year-old Langenselbolderin falls victim to “WhatsApp” scammers

Police warn!

60-year-old Langenselbolderin falls victim to “WhatsApp” scammers

One of the most popular scams used by scammers is currently the scam via the messenger service WhatsApp… – Symbol image: Pixabay
Thursday, 03/23/2023

LANGENSELBOLD – One of the “most popular” scams used by scammers is currently the scam via the “WhatsApp” messenger service.

The scammers use this to contact their victims and usually pretend to be close relatives who are in financial difficulties and now need money. They pretend that they have a new mobile number so as not to raise any suspicions. By mistaking the sender of the message for the true acquaintance, transfers or money transfers often occur.

The criminal police therefore advises vigilance: because not everyone sees right away that crooks are playing their game at the moment.

Alleged “daughter” reported

A 60-year-old lady from Langenselbold received a message on Monday in which the alleged “daughter” reported and said that her mobile phone was defective and that she needed money to pay three bills. The woman fell for it and, in good faith, initially transferred two bills in the amount of 2,700 euros to a third-party bank account.

When she received the third bill, she became suspicious and tried to reach her daughter on the supposedly “old” number, which she succeeded in doing. The real daughter then stated that she was not using a new number. It is now being investigated for fraud.

In order not to be taken by surprise, the police again give tips

  • Be suspicious if you receive a text message from a relative or acquaintance demanding money – for example because of a financial emergency.
  • First call the known phone number of the relative or acquaintance.
  • Do not under any circumstances transfer money unless you can be absolutely certain that it is actually the intended person.
  • If you have already transferred money after being asked to do so, contact your bank immediately and arrange for a return transfer.
  • File a report with the police and save the chat history – this is important for the criminal investigation.
  • Warn your relatives and acquaintances, especially older people, of the new scam. This is the only way to prevent further acts or to clear up potential victims. (red/sh)