61 billion pesos owes Fonasa and services to clinics for covid-19 patient care | National

After the government decided to create the Covid-19 Integrated Health Network at the end of March, which unifies the critical beds of both public and private health centers, to date, Fonasa and various health services nationwide, owe more of 61 billion pesos for patient care positive covid in clinics.

Fact reported by the Association of clinics of Chile, who detailed that to date -of the 8 thousand visits to Fonasa patients in private care facilities- only two thousand affiliates have been paid.

This shows that the payment of accounts of 6 thousand members of the public insurance would subtract, between the months of March and August.

The president of the Association of clinics of Chile, Alfredo Schonherr, insisted that this type of payment be centralized only in Fonasa.


From Fonasa, Soledad Mena, head of the commercial division of the institution, explained that although payments have been made to the clinics, no progress can be made due to administrative problems at these sites.


In terms of figures, these 61 billion of pesos owed corresponds to the fact that the cost of care for a positive covid patient fluctuates between one and a half million to 18 million gross pesos.

However, this amount owed increases to 171 billion pesos, if the care of patients affiliated with Fonasa for coronavirus treatment is considered, in addition to other benefits.



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