62-year-old Zhong Chuhong’s “long-sleeved white see-through top” photo exposure in New Zealand | Entertainment | CTWANT

The 62-year-old Hong Kong actress Zhong Chuhong, who left deep memories for the audience in the movies “Autumn Fairy Tale”, “Eight Star Annunciation”, and “Dancing Fire”, although she has been out of acting for many years, her beautiful image is still deeply rooted in the hearts of many fans. She often shares details of her life on social platforms. On the 28th, she posted a number of photos of traveling to New Zealand. Her elegant posture has won praises from fans.

On the 28th, Zhong Chuhong posted a number of photos of her trip to New Zealand on Weibo. It can be seen that she is still quite slender at the age of 62. Among them, she is wearing a long-sleeved white see-through top and enjoying the half-length photos of nature. The fans’ eyes lit up.

In this regard, Zhong Chuhong happily wrote, “Greetings from New Zealand, I wish everyone a happy and safe Year of the Rabbit.” In addition, she also shared a photo with the local alpaca, and it can also be seen from her close-up selfie, The skin condition and complexion are well maintained and look very vibrant.

The photo of Zhong Chuhong and the local alpaca and the half-length photo of wearing a long-sleeved white see-through top and enjoying the nature made fans’ eyes bright. (Picture / flip from Weibo / Zhong Chuhong Cherie)

After the post was exposed, heated discussions arose. Fans shouted “The goddess’s skin is so good”, “The closest time Honggu is to me, and there is a favorite person in a familiar scenery who feels so kind, I ask for a chance encounter”, “Honggu is in the year of the rabbit Auspicious”, “I have always liked Honggu since I was a child”, “After seeing these photos, I really want to travel”.