63-year-old man critically injured in knife attack in Bremen

A police officer stands with her back to the camera.  A patrol car can be seen in the background.

Bild: DPA | Marius Bulling

  • Police: Two men tampered with returnable bottles
  • The 63-year-old intervened and a dispute ensued
  • Attacker suddenly stabs and seriously injures man

A 63-year-old was critically injured by a knife during a dispute in the Bremen station suburb. According to the police, the man got into an argument with two other men in front of a facility for the homeless. The two had apparently tampered with the 63-year-old’s returnable bottles.

The dispute escalated, police said. One of the men is said to have suddenly stabbed the 63-year-old in the chest with a knife. The injury was so severe that the attacked man had to be operated on immediately in a hospital. According to the police, his life is no longer in danger. The homicide commission of the Bremen police has taken over the investigation and is looking for witnesses to the attack.

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