7 Best Apps For Teachers And Educators 2021

Teachers and Educators in the majority of the western countries found themselves in a tough position when schools were locked, and they were instructed to switch to online mode of education. Younger teachers quickly picked up the pace, while those with more experience and years in education had difficulties finding the right way to address the new situation. Online platforms and apps sure helped a lot and in the aftermath of the unfortunate events, finding the silver lining and picking up the pieces is the best we can do.

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The New Normality in the Classroom

Many teachers say that going back to the old ways of teaching and instructing is unimaginable, as apps and online solutions opened up new possibilities that go beyond a whiteboard and an occasional Google search. Here is the list of 7 best apps for teachers and educators in 2021:

  1. Kahoot.it,
  2. Google Docs,
  3. Wolfram Alpha,
  4. Quizlet,
  5. Evernote,
  6. TED, and
  7. Udemy.

Top Apps for Teachers and Educators in 2021


Kahoot is a great platform for any quick tests (not for formal grading) that you would like to give to your students. It is a great platform if you want to quickly check the student’s fact-retention rate in the form of a competition, as a warm-up activity, or even as a practice activity. You can pay to write research paper, hand it out to the students for home reading, and then use Kahoot to check their knowledge (and whether they’ve read the assignment) in the next class.

Google Docs

Google Docs is also a very prominent app on our list of the best apps for teachers. The simplicity of its use, cloud-based storage, and the ability to sync the docs across multiple platforms and devices make this the perfect tool to submit homework and share your comments with your students.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a platform that calculates knowledge. It uses your input to come up with a unique way to calculate the answer to your search query. In doing so, it relies on many data sources and common knowledge. When you need an essay paper for sale, you can always enrich it with the fresh data from this platform and then submit the fresh reading material to your students.


Quizlet makes learning tools and quizzes for your online classroom. This amazing platform lets you test the students’ knowledge, but unlike Kahoot.it, it does not make the students compete against each other. It is best used before formal testing, as a progress test, or even as a great feedback tool.


Evernote is an amazing platform that lets you easily save different media and sources from any website you think you may use in your classes. The solution is simple, and it lets you share your collections with others – for example, your classroom. It is a great way to assign students some interesting activities for their leisure time and to enrich their reading materials.


TED is another learning platform that is different from other platforms in that it is the professionals that let you into the newest findings in their field. With a lot of talks on social topics, it is a great tool to help you teach diversity in your classroom. The talks are short, informative, and have a PPP streamed straight to your desktop.


Udemy is an e-learning platform that is unique on our list. What makes it unique is that it enables you to upload video lessons and materials that your students can access whenever they feel like it. It is an amazing platform that lets your students learn and revise at their own pace, and it is the best way to complement your classes, not substitute them.

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Final Remarks

Whatever app or app combo you find the best, it is important to note that ANY app on the list will improve your efficiency and keep your students more engaged in your classroom. These solutions are not just for those who still teach online, but they can also be used by all the teachers and teaching assistants who would like to give their students a decent chance to revise and further practice. Try out a few of these and use them to create the best semester ever.

Barbara Fielder

Barbara Fielder always strives to stay on top of her field by following many educational platforms and social media streams. This professional also benefits from her bilingual background. She is a big proponent of language education, as she believes that every new language we speak opens one more door in life.