#7 Diversity in the team: Talents require it today. What should personnel service providers bear in mind? | “belonged in”

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Diversity: Hardly any other topic is currently the subject of such controversy – in (social) media, private conversations and in HR departments. Opinions on this are as diverse as the topic itself.

“listened” to this edition of our podcast Association President Sebastian Lazay die Diversity Expert Tijen Onaran to guest. The two agree: no matter how you feel about the subject, as an entrepreneur, you cannot avoid it in times of labor and skilled labor shortages. Because the increasing shortage of staff is literally forcing companies to open up and break down barriers for employees. And that’s just as well. Then: Many, especially young, talents require lived (!) Diversity in the working environment today. And the The advantages for companies are obvious. Apart from the economic added value through increased innovation and willingness to perform, a diverse workforce simply makes the company “smarter and better”, according to Tijen Onaran.
Diversity in the company is more than just gender and a quota for women. It affects the social origin of the employees, their cultural background, their family history, age and so much more. In an interview, Sebastian Lazay and Tijen Onaran report on their own experiences as entrepreneurs and diversity consultants. They deliver a lot Ideas for practical implementation in the context of recruiting and personnel development.

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