7 drinks recommended to prevent Alzheimer’s

In France, the Alzheimer’s disease would affect 1.2 million people. Of this figure, only 750,000 people are diagnosed.

This neurodegenerative disease is characterized by degeneration of nerve cells. It involves progressive memory loss and certain intellectual (cognitive) functions leading to repercussions in the activities of daily living.

Several scientific studies have already proven that food plays a significant role in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. “To have a well-protected brain, it must be well nourished. Certain foods and diets are therefore to be favored and avoided”, confirms the Alzheimer Foundation.

While the Cretan and DASH diets have already been proven to prevent this neurodegenerative pathology, scientists wanted to create a diet combining the two. We are talking about the MIND diet. Called MIND for Mediterranean-Dash Intervention of Neurodegenerative Delay, this program is rich in vitamins B6, B9, and B12 and allows you to refuel fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and foods rich in antioxidants known to slow brain aging. This diet also includes certain preferred drinks to take from your brain. We review them in our slideshow.

“It is now accepted that by having good food hygiene and appropriate physical activity, we allow our body to function well and avoid certain pathologies. But what remains more confidential is that the maintenance of our brain also requires a specific diet, ”reports Raphaël Gruman, nutritionist and author of Mind Diet – The World’s Best Diet For The Brain (éd. Leduc.s).

MIND diet: it boosts brain functions

The recent American study which highlighted the MIND diet to prevent Alzheimer’s disease shows that this diet would reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease in nearly 53% of cases. The researchers of the Rush University Medical Cente r (Chigago, USA) have even proven that even those who do not adopt this 100% diet could hope for a reduction in risk of around 35%.

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“The MIND Diet is not just about preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or more generally dementias, it also helps to boost brain functions“, shares Raphaël Gruman.

On the food side, we will focus on products rich in vitamins B6, B9, and B12: green and leafy vegetables, berries, foods rich in omega-3, whole grains, legumes, dried beans, fish, poultry, olive oil, poultry, cream cheese and wholemeal bread.