7 Facts about DKI Flood Control System Exhibited by Anies, World Champion


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan showcased that the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s flood control system has won a world-class award. This award for the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s flood control system is even more special because it was achieved in conjunction with the fair without opinion (WTP) predicate from the BPK.

This achievement by the DKI Provincial Government was conveyed by Anies through his personal Instagram account. It’s no secret, Anies often shows off the achievements of the DKI Provincial Government through his Instagram account.

Here are the facts about the DKI flood control system:

– Win The 2022 WSIS Prizes

The DKI Provincial Government’s flood control system won an award in the event titled ‘The 2022 WSIS Prize’. WSIS or World Summit on The Information Society is a world-class conference on the information society.

WSIS itself is organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) for communication and information technology. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s flood control system won the AL C7 category. ICT applications: E-science.

“Yesterday Jakarta won 5x WTP in a row, at the same time Jakarta also won the prestigious world award event, The 2022 WSIS Prizes, in the category of ICT Applications: e-Science,” Anies wrote on his Instagram as seen detik.comThursday (2/6/2022).

Flood control system DKI Provincial Government managed to become the first winner because it brought innovation of flood control system. Anies said the system in Jakarta helps predict potential disasters before they occur.

“The knowledge and experience of the officers are collected into this information system to make it easier and faster to make decisions on flood control in the future,” said Anies.

– Outperformed 4 Finalists

Anies said that Jakarta won after beating four other finalists, namely ZTE Corporation from China, Biomedical Neuroscience Institute from the University of Chile, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from Udinese University in Italy and Putri Nora bint Abdul Rahman University from Saudi Arabia.

The award was given in Geneva, Switzerland, May 31, 2022. The DKI Provincial Government was represented by the Office of Communication, Information and Statistics (Diskominfotik) and Jakarta Smart City.

– Increase Disaster Situation Awareness

Head of DKI Jakarta Discominfotik Atika Nur Rahmania explained that this flood control system was developed for several purposes. One of them is to increase public awareness of disaster situations.

“By building this system, we aim to increase public awareness of disaster situations, accelerate response to system-based disaster management, prepare for flood emergencies, and carry out real-time monitoring,” Atika said in a speech after receiving the award, as reported by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government website. , Thursday (2/6/2022).

– Collect Water-Temperature Level Data

The DKI flood control system works by collecting historical sensor data (water level, vibration, temperature) and CCTV. The data in question is collected by sensors and the Internet of Things (IoT) which are placed in 178 locations consisting of water level sensors, water current sensors, rainfall sensors, pump vibration sensors, and pump temperature sensors.

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