7 – Now what? Practical activities for well-being: 7 – And now what? Practical activities for wellness | Snail Podcast

You may have said, heard or told someone: “Lately I feel like it’s hard for me to concentrate”… “Sometimes it seems like I can’t make myself understood by others because I talk too fast or I forget things while I’m talking”…” I often feel uncomfortable and I don’t really know why” or “someone has made me aware of some change in my body that I hadn’t noticed until now, such as sweating more”.

We know that you have been through difficult times, which can bring emotions such as anguish and fear into your life, and can even affect the way you feel and how you interact with the world. That’s why we invite you to connect with some tools for the care of your mental health.

You will navigate through actions that you can carry out during your day, with the purpose of achieving a benefit of your own mental and physical health. These practices can be healthy eating habits, sleep hygiene or performing physical activities, among others, that enable your well-being.

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