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7 offers to seize urgent Thursday morning 🔥

There are only a few hours left before the end of the 2019 winter sales, but you can still enjoy great discounts on products as popular as the Apple Watch, Bose helmets or the Surface Pro. Amazon, Cdiscount and many merchants participate in this large-scale operation. Here is the list of participants, before going directly to the best deals and promotions this Thursday. Each one his strategy: good deals, discount codes, flash sales – everything is explained below.

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Taking a little time for the 2019 balances can quickly turn into hell if you do not know how to go about it. Indeed, thousands of promotions on all merchant sites require customers to sort and search with patience. If you do not have the courage, we made you a list of the best promotions for this Thursday morning. Be careful, some offers are flash offers that can expire at any time (like the Nintendo Switch which expired this Thursday morning). If you have cracked a product on promotion, do not wait, there will be no additional markdown.

Sale: good deals that expire Thursday

Updated: February 14, 2019, 9:14 am

Top 7 flash specials on Thursday:

Coupon codes:

Home appliance :

Health and wellbeing :


His :

Phones and packages:


To see the sales of 2019 at Amazon, you have to go here:

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Yesterday morning began the last markdown of these winter sales in 2019. On this occasion, the discounts on the products are the highest – and there will be no others. We must now take action and choose the latest offers that may interest you. There are two types: the first concerns flash offers that are limited in duration and that can be discounted on fashionable products.

Sale 2019: Apple Watch, iPhone XR, iPad, Bose

This is for example the case of the latest watch Apple Watch, or the Nintendo Switch. These two products that are on sale for sale on Amazon see their price drop via coupons (directly available on the product sheet) that save on two products that have never been on sale in recent months. This is excellent news that shows that even for the last week of winter sales, there are still good deals on the various e-commerce sites involved in this operation.

Flash offers are limited in duration, and there is usually a small counter that displays when they end. Fnac, Amazon and Cdiscount use it for branded products, to create excitement. Apart from these "lightning" offers, there are longer offers that are subject to markdowns. Since yesterday, we are at the sixth and last mark of the balances 2019. This is the highest level of promotions that we can have at this event.

General merchants like Cdiscount and Amazon really offer discounts on all categories of products, not just electronics or appliances. It also concerns fashion, garden, toys or decoration. Cdiscount offers 3 million products on sale throughout the period, there are still hundreds of thousands on Thursday.

If Amazon and Cdiscount are adapted for flash sales, we have on the other side Fnac, Rue du Commerce and Darty who have resolved to add in addition to their classic promotions promotional codes that can save an amount between 10 and an additional 20%, depending on the size of the customer's basket.

In the end, these winter sales are the most important size operation for all retailers in France – whether on the internet or in traditional shops. This represents nearly 20% of their annual turnover, distributed this time over six weeks. The official end of these 2019 balances will take place Tuesday, February 19, 2019.

Until then, it is unlikely that there will be many changes to the current offers. That's why we've listed the best flash deals of the moment above, and we'll update this selection throughout the day to reflect the status of promotions based on stockouts.

While we see now for this sixth markdown many products exceed 90% discount, do not hesitate and seize the opportunity if a product interests you. Compared to the beginning of the sales, we have already had thousands of breaks, and it is likely that we still have many in the hours and days ahead.

Sale at a loss is legal during sales

If the discounts are so high during the winter and summer sales, it is because the merchants are allowed during this period to sell the products at a loss. The balances must allow them to sell unsold at an attractive price so that they do not have to throw them away. Among these products that have a hard time selling, there are however some very attractive offers that make all the interest of sales.

Apart from the classic sales at general and specialized dealers, there are also other actors who make great offers during this period. For example, there are telecom operators such as SFR or Bouygues Telecom who also have promotions on their products. We have integrated them into the selection of the day, because their offers are very convincing.

Finally, last practical point, know that you benefit during these winter sales of the same guarantees and insurance when you buy in normal times. You can therefore claim your two-week period during which you can return the package at no extra cost, by requesting a refund on your bank account.

If you want to know more about these last hours of sales, all you have to do is consult our list, or go for a ride on the different trading platforms like Amazon, Fnac, Darty or Cdiscount. All have updated their website for the occasion, you will easily find the various offers in progress.

To view the 2019 balances on Cdiscount, here it is:

View all of the promotions


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