7 Sports News Do not miss today

7 Sports News Do not miss today

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On April 16, 2018, there were many important sporting events, most notably the national team, which produced the visas of 42 Kuwaiti players, headed by Ekrami, and five guards to succeed Ahmed Al Shennawi in Zamalek.

The national team extracts the visas of 42 players for Kuwait, headed by Ekrami
Ihab revealed to the director of the national team that there was no change in the place of residence of the team in Grozny at the World Cup Russia 2018.

Sherif Ekramy

5 guards candidates to succeed Ahmad Al – Shennawi Zamalek
Club Board Planning Zamalek Headed by Murtada Mansour to sign a new goalkeeper in the summer Mercato next, after injury Ahmed Al-Shennawi, which will be absent for a period of 6 to 8 months.

Ahmed Al-Shinawee

The Egyptian coach and the director of the game suspended because of the opposition to victory
The competitions committee of the football federation headed by Amer Hussein decided to stop Tareq Suleiman, the general coach of the Egyptian club, one match to contest the referee during the victory game won by the Egyptian 2/1.

Officially .. The end of the league championship May 22 and the Cup 19 or 20
Amer Hussein, chairman of the Premier League competitions committee, confirmed that the Premier League Championship will be completed on May 22 next month officially.

Ashimbong welcomes the return to Zamalek and awaits the decision of the Council
Ghana striker Achimbong, who has loaned Zamalek’s loan to Petrojet for the end of the season, has welcomed the return to the White Castle again after his loan expires.

Rabia to miss Ahli in the face of Kampala City Champions League
Rami Rabia, the Ahli defender, has been keeping away from his team in local and African matches, and the absence may continue so as not to catch Kampala City’s Ugandan match scheduled for May 15 off the ground in the second round as African teams due to injury.

Al – Badri agrees to join the Syrian Omar Al – Suma for Ahli
Grant Hossam El Badry , The technical director of Al Ahli, managed his club’s green light to join Syrian striker Omar Al-Suma, the Saudi national’s top scorer, in order to strengthen the Red team’s attack next season.

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