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In Tomsk, 70 people were evacuated due to a fire in a residential building

A fire occurred in a 16-story residential building in Tomsk, RBC was told in the press service of the main department of the Ministry for Emergencies in the region.

As a result, 70 people were evacuated, including 15 children. The press service added that there was a lot of smoke in the house. The fire was liquidated at 13:14 local time (9:14 Moscow time), its area was 90 square meters. m. Information about the dead and injured has been reported.

Video: Region-70 | Tomsk / VKontakte

As the publication Vtomske.ru reported with reference to the Ministry of Emergencies, the fire occurred on the 12th floor of a house located at ul. Ivan Chernykh, 66. The message about the fire came at 11:09 local time (7:09 Moscow time). 40 people and 14 pieces of equipment participated in the elimination of the fire.

On Thursday, November 7, as a result of a fire in an apartment building in Ufa, 11 people were injured. The source of fire was in the apartment on the sixth floor of the house on Nikolay Dmitriev Street. 24 people were evacuated from the building. According to the Ministry of Health, six out of 11 victims are children. All victims were hospitalized with signs of poisoning by combustion products.

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