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75 years later, the reunion of an American soldier and the French woman he loved during the war

It is the story of two lovers united in the war, then separated by an ocean. In 1944 K.T. Robbins, a young American soldier, is stationed with his regiment in Briey, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, where he falls in love with 18-year-old French girl Jeannine Pierson née Ganaye. "She was very gentle and I think she loved me"remember the veteran today. But two months later, one morning, the soldier must leave the village hurriedly for the Eastern Front: "I told him maybe I'll come back and take you, but it did not happen that way." Back on the other side of the Atlantic, K.T. Robbins get married, never forgetting this love story.

Archive photos of K.T. Robbins and Jeannine Ganaye.
Archive photos of K.T. Robbins and Jeannine Ganaye. (CD)

A few weeks ago, during a report on the veterans of the Second World War in the United States, we discover a cliché of the young Jeannine Ganaye in the middle of his albums of memories. In front of us, K.T. Robbins will then make a wish. "I would like to go back there, find my family, he declares. She, I will probably not see her, she must be dead. "

K. T. Robbins during a shoot of France 2 in the United States, in 2019.
K. T. Robbins during a shoot of France 2 in the United States, in 2019. (FRANCE 2)

In fact, Jeannine Ganaye is still alive: now 92, she lives in a retirement home in Montigny-lès-Metz, Moselle. We accompanied K.T. Robbins, back in France for the first time on the occasion of the D-Day commemorations. And we attended their moving reunion. Seventy-five years after their separation, sitting close to each other, they talk to each other again of love, as if they had never been separated.

I have always loved you, always, you never left my heart.

"He says he loves me, I understood that, the nonagenarian answers. Me too. I've always thought about him, maybe telling me he's coming. " She still remembers perfectly the day of her departure.

When he left in the truck, I cried of course, I was very sad. I wish that after the war he did not return to America.

"It's a little story in the big story", reacts with emotion one of the five children of Jeannine Ganaye. In the hope of the soldier's return, his mother had learned English basics in the post-war period. Why K.T. Did Robbins stay so long without writing, without coming back, wondering again today? "I wish he had come." "You know, when you get married, after, you can not do it anymore", replies his former suitor.

When the time comes to separate, after these few hours spent together, we see long minutes of tenderness, mixed with tears. "Jeannine, I love you my darling", declare one last time K. T. Robbins. Today both widowers, they promised themselves half-words to meet again, they who have kept intact this emotion of seventy-five years.

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