75 years of Caritas | NewAlcarria

In 1947 the bishops decided that the charitable activity of the church, a social function that characterizes it, required a specific structure for greater efficiency and thus an organization was born, loved, valued and valuable to the point of being essential in a society like today. in which crises succeed one another, becoming chronic and generating difficulties that most seriously affect the most vulnerable or unprotected people. Its name could not be more accurate, charity or said in Latin, mother, caritas, which means “action in solidarity with the suffering of others” or in a second meaning “alms that are given or help that is provided to those in need”. It is an expression of love for others, of humanity, there is no desire for profit or protagonism behind it, nor is there a political ideology – that is why its data is commented on by representatives of all formations as a synonym of truth – only a feeling of closeness sprouts to the problems of others, mainly of an economic nature but also in the pandemic we have seen food and medicine brought to the homes of elderly or dependent people who suffer from loneliness and there are support services for this social problem.

Today, in difficult times, we are glad that this mechanism exists to alleviate some of the most basic shortcomings and face great natural catastrophes in the world. We ask you to thank this service that the Church provides to the most needy society – one of many – that greatly facilitates the work of governments, we congratulate all the volunteer personnel who make it possible from different responsibilities and invite them to collaborate with Caritas- we have it in the parishes- contributing money, clothes, food, time…