79-year-old Weng insisted on picking up her granddaughter from get off work. She recognized that her grandfather “felt a sense of being needed”: as if he used to pick me up from class | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A 79-year-old grandfather from Zhejiang Province in mainland China regularly goes to the station every day to pick up his granddaughter home from get off work. (Picture / Retrieved from

When I grow up, it is a very happy thing to have the love of my grandparents. When a 21-year-old woman surnamed Guan in Zhejiang Province got off work, her 79-year-old grandfather regularly came to the station to pick her up every day. In this regard, Guan Nu said that after graduating from college, grandpa may have hoped that he would still be “needed by her”, so he would come to the station to pick her up day after day, “Just like when I was in high school, grandpa came to pick her up every day. I’m doing self-study at night after class.” As soon as the news came out, there was a discussion.

Comprehensive Lu media reports, a 21-year-old woman surnamed Guan in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a freshman who just graduated from college this year. She works in a company about 8 kilometers away from her home. Every day after get off work, she needs to take the MRT and walk 1 kilometer to get there. home. Originally, my mother’s work place was very close to the housekeeper’s company, so I could take her on the way. “But sometimes when my mother is on a business trip, I need to take the subway (MRT) to go home.”

Whenever grandpa learned that his mother could not pick up the maid from get off work, he would call ahead and say that he would come to the station to pick him up. After a long time, she was moved by her grandfather’s firm attitude and decided to take the MRT home after get off work. “Just like when I was in high school, my grandfather came to pick me up every day to pick me up for evening self-study and class.”

In this regard, Guan Nu revealed that in the past, due to the busy work of his parents, he received a lot of care from his grandfather since he was a child. “When I was a child, my grandfather took me to and from school every day, and after high school evening self-study classes, whether it was after 9 o’clock in the evening or after 10 o’clock in the evening, my grandfather would also be at school. Wait for me at the door.” Afterwards, she went to college and returned to visit her grandfather every two weeks.

After the news was exposed, it sparked heated discussions. Some netizens said, “Happiness can be very simple”, “It’s nice to have grandpa pick up and drop off”, “I miss grandpa too”, “I feel happy and cherish it well”, “I I’m really envious.”

In addition, some netizens believed that it was inappropriate to trouble him to pick up and drop off because his grandfather was too old. Guan Nv replied that she was fully capable of going home alone, but grandpa probably hoped that he would still be “needed by her”, so he insisted on picking him up after get off work, “I know that grandpa may have the mentality of being “needed” and wants to Let my grandfather have some sense of participation in my life after graduation.”