7th Annual GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL (4 day outdoor) · 18. Juni 2008 · Central Pennsylvania (USA) · goabase ॐ parties and people

Rewrite this content7th Annual GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL (4 day outdoor) Central Pennsylvania · USA Live Line-Up Psy/Prog:RASTALIENS (Phar Psyde Records – Switzerland) Live!BRAINCELL (Glowing Flame Records – Switzerland) Live!E.V.P. (Wildthings Records – UK) Live!REALITYGRID (Wildthings Records – UK) Live!DIGITALIST (Dropout Productions / Zaikadelic Records – Switzerland) Live & DJ!SOLAR FIELDS (Ultimae – Sweden) Live! Trance and Chillout sets!Chill out:AES DANA (Ultimae – France) Live!H.U.V.A. NETWORK (Ultimae – France / Sweden) Live! entry entry Advanced – $110 (April 14th – June 8th) Gate – $145 (June 18th – June 22nd)Payment:Credit Card (VISA/MC) payments – contact Four Quarters at 1-(814) 784-3075 or pay online at www. 4QF. org.Money Orders or Personal Checks – payable by mail to:Mind on the subject c/o Four Quarters190 Walker LaneArtemas, PA 17211, US organizer organizer Gaian Mind & 4QF Registered before 14j 9m · Updated before 14j 7m · · / 10 Disclaimer All parties are entered by the organizers and/or visitors of this site. is a portal for party information, but not an organizer. We cannot guarantee the correctness of the information and cannot answer any questions about the party. To do this, please contact the organizer via his e-mail or website. If this information is missing above, we can forward a message. If the party is duplicated, wrong, or you don’t think it’s here, please report it to the moderators, thanks. 16. Jan. 23 NEW InfoInformation about the party entered by the organizer. Party News Mi., 25. Jan. 2023Clubstarts in 1t 3stdSa., 4. Feb. 2023IndoorWed 22 Feb 2023Club More new parties NEWDo., 26. Jan. 2023Virtualstarts in 2t 15stdSa., 4. Feb. 2023Open AirSa., 18. Feb. 2023Indoor More new meeting pointsFri 6 Jan 2023In- & OutdoorFri 6 Jan 2023IndoorSa., 31. Dec. 2022Indoor More new reportsgoabase.net1Donate cappuccino for:EUR 2,70*Redirects to What?No advertising, no trackers – technology only for what it is needed for: a Goa/Psy party calendar plus member area and forum.Don’t like PayPal? Then look here:Support Goabase Platform WorldtimesBangkok 10:56 Sunrise 06:40Sunset 18:22Berlin 04:56 Sunrise 07:58Sunset 16:39Goa 09:26 Sunrise 07:04Sunset 18:297:56 p.m. Sunrise 06:53Sunset 17:17London 03:56 Sunrise 07:46Sunset 16:36NYC 22:56 Sunrise 07:10Sunset 17:05Rio 00:56 Sunrise 05:38Sunset 18:58Sydney 14:56 Sunrise 06:06Sunset 20:07Tel Aviv 05:56 Sunrise 06:35Sunset 17:07Tokyo 12:56 Sunrise 06:45Sunset 17:02black lightcooldeepbluejunglesunriseoffice and and more content about 7th Annual GAIAN MIND SUMMER FESTIVAL (4 day outdoor) · 18. Juni 2008 · Central Pennsylvania (USA) · goabase ॐ parties and people