8 tips to help your toddler’s sleep

Sleep… AH, the famous sleep! This subject causes a lot of anxiety for many parents and we understand the reasons, indeed, we all need to sleep! When our children do not sleep or sleep very little, and when we also lack rest, it is difficult for us to manage our daily lives well. We have therefore prepared a small list of tips to help your children’s sleep. However, it is important to note that because every child is different, some advice may not be appropriate for you or your child. It’s up to you to make a selection!

Create a Calming Routine

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Establishing an identical routine before every sleep will reassure the child before this long period of separation. In addition, it is better to avoid screens a few hours before bedtime (even for adults!), in order to promote good sleep. For example, your routine might be this: bath, read, sing, and turn off the lights.

Have a transition object

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If your child has a reassuring object, it could help him fall asleep on his own. For example, it could be the pacifier, the stuffed animal or the comforter.

Co-sleeping, yes or no?

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In some cases, the co-sleeping is the best solution to allow the whole family a good sleep, while in other cases, the members of the family sleep better each in their room. It depends on the parents and the child. Co-sleeping requires everyone’s approval. Neither technique is better, it all depends on you!


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Sometimes we mistakenly believe that naps interfere with sleep. On the contrary, the child is reassured by a constant routine and maintaining his nap will help him sleep well at night.

Play quiet games

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Before starting your bedtime routine, you could play a quiet family game or let your child play quiet games alone. For example, you could make board games, drawings, or puzzles.

For the child fearing monsters

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You know the monster hunter vaporizer? Put colored water in a bottle and spray the child’s room, explaining that this spray will chase away monsters from the room. This little thing sounds completely crazy, but it has proven itself with several children.

The night light

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Some children may be reassured by a small night light illuminating the room a little. The goal is to make the bedroom soothing and conducive to falling asleep.

The bedroom should not be used as a place of punishment

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This is sometimes complex to respect, but the goal here is simply to keep the room as a place of rest and comfort so that the child does not come to perceive his room negatively. In the same vein, we can try to keep the bedroom tidy and give it calm and soothing colors.

In short, several little tricks exist and it is up to you to determine what will work in YOUR family. Let’s not forget that young children do not have the same sleep cycles as adults and that sleep, like anything else, is a learning process in a child’s life. I wish you a good night!