8 Tips to maintain body fitness after Ramadan


– Here are the details of this news 8 tips to maintain body fitness after Ramadan Nutritionist at the Center First, Benin Shaheen, presented the top 8 tips for maintaining the health and fitness of the body by the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it is necessary to return to the habits of food gradually.

Return gradually Returning to your previous eating habits before Ramadan is a big shock to your body. There is a very common mistake people make during Eid, which is to eat more than they used to before Ramadan. Start the day with breakfast The amount of food and calories you should eat should be lower in the first few days after Ramadan, but you should also maintain healthy eating habits, just like breakfast, which will help you organize your meals throughout the day and enhance your energy and control your appetite. Eat several meals in small amounts Eating small amounts of healthy foods throughout the day sends a signal to your brain that food supplies are abundant. It is okay to burn these calories quickly, and reducing your calorie intake per session gives you plenty of energy. Eat enough protein Eat the right amount of whole protein, which is appropriate to your weight and your energy level; it helps stabilize blood sugar, raise the concentration and maintain the energy and strength of the body. Avoid over-consumption of caffeine Tea and coffee are more than drinks, which are served to guests at the feast, which means a large percentage of caffeine, increases the level of tension in the body and causes sleep disturbances when you try to return to your previous sleep routine. Minimize the consumption of sweets in the feast Avoid high-fat sweets and sugar, as they may increase your insulin levels, which cause fatigue and drowsiness and lead to increased weight quickly; so try to reduce the eating of Eid sweets, and replaced with fresh fruit or dried. Eat meals regularly Most of the time at Eid will be busy with family and friends, so you do not have the opportunity to eat meals regularly or worse, forget your food and fill your stomach with fatty Eid sweets. The problem is that the body will remain in a state of extreme hunger, And thus will not speed up the metabolism. drink a lot of water The body needs water to do most of its functions. Drinking plenty of water will wash your body of toxins, keep your skin healthy, help you eat less, help give energy to your muscles, reduce sunburn, and control calories. To eat unhealthy foods after Ramadan by drinking water. We thank you to visit our website today and if you have any questions about this news 8 tips to keep your body healthy after Ramadan Please let us know or leave a comment below
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