8-year-old boy shoots baby to death at Florida hotel

And eight-year-old boy accidentally killed a baby a year with a pistol in a room of hotel in floridaUSA.

The younger played with the gunpresumably owned by his father, when it was shot and killed the little girl when his father left the room and his dad’s girlfriend was still asleep, CBC News reported.

According to the first reports, the boy, his father’s girlfriend and her two daughters, aged one and two, stayed in the room when the minor found the gun among his father’s belongings and that was when the fatal incident took place.

After the events, it was reported that the another two-year-old girl was injuredBut no details of his condition were released.

According to the authorities the victim is the daughter of the father’s girlfriend of the accused for the accidental crime, for which the adult identified as Rodedrick Dwayne, about 45 years old, was accused of possession of firearms and putting minors at risk.