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80-year-old slaughters boar in parking lot

  • An 80-year-old slaughtered a boar in a parking lot in Berlin.
  • He killed that according to his statement trustful animal and began to exempt it.
  • He once again wanted to eat a good piece of meat, was the rationale of the pensioner.

She is waiting for her husband, who is coming straight from the "work". A 75-year-old woman told the policeman when she was approached by them late in the evening on a parking lot near the Tegel Forest in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

The officials were called by a witness who had made a bloody observation. The police later found out what the older lady meant by "work": They discovered a dead brook: beheaded, skinned and partially exempted. Usable entrails and some pieces of meat were already packed in a box, next to it were a hatchet and other slaughter utensils.

In a nearby bush, the police finally attacked the 80-year-old poacher. He admitted to having slain the trusting wild boar female for slaughtering and eating. He once again felt like having a good piece of meat that he could not afford otherwise, said the pensioner.

The officers handed over the dead animal to the forester and confiscated the slaughter tools. The 80-year-old was reported for hunting. If convicted, he faces imprisonment or a fine of up to five years.

Only 50 cents for a kilo of wild boar meat

Attracting the creek may not have been too difficult for the retiree. Due to the currently greatly inflated wild boar population in Germany, the animals would often come in residential areas, public parking lots or playgrounds and showed little shyness, says Heidi Vogt, spokeswoman for the Berlin police SZ, A comparable case of poaching, however, has not been heretofore. The fact that there are currently too many wild boars does not override the poaching laws, Vogt explains.

The oversupply of wild boar meat has pushed prices down. Only a few weeks ago it had become known that between April 2017 and March 2018 more than 820,000 wild boars were killed in Germany, more than ever before. Nevertheless, the animals continue to multiply due to mild winter and an oversupply of food. Sometimes only about 50 cents per kilo are paid by the dealers. This worries many Waid people.

But it also means that the retiree could possibly have afforded a good amount of boar meat – without any nightly hunting with the hatchet.

Too much before the gun

In the past season so many wild boars have been killed as never before. That puts a price on the meat – and puts some hunters in financial distress.

By Susanne Höll




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