$ 800 billion in annual smokers' spending on tobacco products

$ 800 billion in annual smokers' spending on tobacco products

In anticipation of the future of the tobacco industry, one of the most important and most powerful industries on which the economies of many countries of the world are based, the dialogue and debate sessions were revealed at the fifth session of the World Nicotine Forum for Tobacco Manufacturers, which was held in the Polish capital Warsaw from 14 to 16 of this month. – Electronic Cigarette products, which rely on advanced technologies that reduce the damage caused by conventional smoking, have achieved remarkable growth and success in the international and domestic markets, and day after day attracts many supporters of this new technology and developed, which A sign of a complete change in the future of the tobacco industry worldwide may end up with the elimination of traditional cigarettes that have been raised on the throne of smoking for centuries .
The fifth edition of the Global Nicotine Forum, attended by more than 500 scientists, experts and specialists in the fields of medical and tobacco manufacturing. The participants highlighted strongly the latest scientific research on less harmful tobacco technology and products, which is based on the heating of tobacco, which reduces the damage caused by the burning of tobacco in traditional cigarettes by more than 90 %
The forum’s sessions and discussions revealed a number of interesting facts, including that the tobacco industry in the world is of the utmost importance, where there are at least one billion smokers worldwide, spend annually more than 800 billion dollars on the purchase of tobacco products, and that many countries in the world rely Its annual budget on tax revenues withdrawn from the tobacco industry .
At the same time, discussions involving leading tobacco manufacturers worldwide, led by Swiss company Philip Morris, revealed that less harmful tobacco-based tobacco products were a real breakthrough in the world of smoking, drawing strength from global and technical research that had been spent on them The company alone is more than $ 3 billion, to provide safer and less harmful alternatives to researchers to find new ways to reduce or eliminate smoking damage. The positive results of the world’s leading medical institutions on this technology confirm beyond doubt that the future These products .
The forum witnessed scientific assurances by scientists and specialists that the product “Ikos” one of the most popular alternatives to smoking products less harmful, which depends on the heating of tobacco has become very widespread in the world because of its full compliance with the terms and warnings of international organizations interested in human health, led by the World Health Organization , The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many others .
The researchers explained that the technology used in the least harmful electronic cigarettes, also succeeded in making a real difference and highlighted the research that the risks of ordinary cigarettes is to burn tobacco at a temperature of more than 350 degrees Celsius, which leads to burning nicotine and tar Inside the cigarette causing more toxins and damage to the smoker directly and indirectly .
They stressed that the main message launched by the Forum was the need to provide all means of support for the least harmful products, including requiring governments to reduce the tax rates on those products and open the way to market them, as they contribute effectively to the preservation of public health ..
Experts from Swiss company Philip Morris have confirmed that many countries in the world are welcoming the ICOS product in Japan, Switzerland, Britain, Spain, Korea, EU countries and others. .
For his part, the British scientist Martin Garvis, British House of Commons adviser to public health, tobacco and smoking, said that the recent period has been actively sought by experts around the world to reduce the effects of smoking on the public health of smokers .. Research has shown that the greatest impact on health does not come from ” Nicotine “itself, but the result of the burning process carried out in the cigarette, stressing that more than 2 million British have switched to electronic smoking and the proportion of alternative cigarette use began to rise in the United States of America ..
Jarvis said that after the success of electronic cigarettes, a new generation of smoking technology emerged based on heating tobacco rather than burning it, revealing that Japan is one of the largest markets in the world using tobacco heating technology, where the proportion of smokers who turned to heating technology to 27% of smokers, This shift means saving tens of millions of smokers around the world .
Garves called on governments and international organizations to help raise awareness and culture to inform citizens that new generations of cigarettes are safer than ordinary smoking, stressing that new generations of heating-based cigarettes are a great technological breakthrough to keep people healthy. We are now facing a significant period of change in technology as well as tastes and markets, which means saving tens of millions of smokers around the world .

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