86 MEPs call for the return of a "fair" carbon tax


In December, under the pressure of yellow vests, the government announced the suspension of the carbon tax. But just two months later, led by Matthieu Orphelin (formerly LREM), 86 deputies from several political groups pleaded "For a tax carbon just socially, being convinced that France can achieve this, in a forum published Tuesday on the site of Figaro. The carbon tax is, "Among others, an effective tool to change investment decisions, promote virtuous behavior, give an advantage to vehicles or boilers that consume little or no fossil energy, and respond to the climate emergency"they add.

Taking the example of British Columbia in Canada, where the increase in energy taxes since 2008 is well received, members wonder why in our country, the subject "Has crystallized tensions accumulated for decades and nourished the feeling of fiscal injustice and abandonment of rural France". They see the fact that the governors of the Canadian province have been able to make the carbon tax "just": "100% of the revenue generated by this increase goes to citizens and businesses, in the form of energy transition aid or tax cuts". (Photo Laurent Carré for Liberation).



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