8K videos in your living room for 3 euros per month, it's possible from December


The arrival of the 8K is no longer a myth, it's obvious. And if Samsung already had a great lead on the subject by offering a full range of 8K TVs, it sinks a little more the nail by offering an 8K streaming service. FrAndroid was able to discover the service. We tell you everything.

Things promised, things due. Samsung and The Explorers have formalized the imminent arrival of 8K content in your living room. After a first announcement made at the IFA fair in Berlin, these two actors presented yesterday the service that will be, O Cocorico, available exclusively in France from 1 December. And for good reason, The Explorers, with whom the Korean giant has partnered, is a French company, which has set itself the mission of " List all the wonders, in a project of discovery and census of life on Earth, its diversity, its splendors and its fragilities. "

With this joint announcement, The Explorers as Samsung show that they are resolutely determined to advance on the subject of the 8K. And this is concretized here by the launch of a service that comes in two versions, one free, the other billed 3 euros per month. A very affordable price that does not make the 8K a case that concerns everyone for several reasons.

What to expect from this 8K offer?

Microphone in hand, Olivier Chabodo co-founder (with Jean-Pierre Morel) and Expedition Leader within the teams of The Explorers, presents the offer which will be accessible from December 1st by not omitting to specify us « it's been 5 years since we work on this subject in the utmost discretion ". We will understand half-heartedly that there was no question of being pummeled by other productions that could then embark on the 8K documentary. For Olivier Chabodo, " the content produced by the teams at The Explorers is for heritage purposes. It must be maintained over time and be accessible for our children in the most beautiful of qualities possible. And today is the 8K.

At its launch, the content offer will still be very thin and yet we must not neglect the amount of work by the teams that offers videos available in 17 languages.

In more detail, the paid offer (3 euros per month, let's recall it) called "The Explorers Plus" will count only sixteen documentaries at the launch. The formats chosen for 26 or 52 minutes are fairly traditional in TV, but we do not know the distribution of these documentaries among the 16 available on December 1st.

On the other hand, we know that the 52 minutes format is the one in which the field teams do not make any intervention. Their sole mission is to produce the images and " to let the locals speak ". That's why The Explorers is also composed of translators to make the subtitles of these documentaries. Today, The Explorers teams are present in 170 countries and promise to expand content very quickly. The free offer is composed of short videos also available on Samsung TVs.

The 8K is clearly not for everyone

With this announcement, The Explorers and Samsung are certainly leading the deployment of the 8K, but make no mistake, access to the 33 million pixels in the living room – remember that the definition is 7680 x 4320 pixels – a clearly a cost.
That of TV first. Indeed, although Samsung has clearly shown that it believes in the 8K by offering a full range of TVs with the Q950R, the rates remain high, even exorbitant in the very large sizes. Recall that the 55 '' is offered at 3300 euros, the 65 inches at 4500 euros, the 75 inches at 6000 euros, the 82 inches at 9000 euros and the 98 inches … 70 000 euros.

The other condition to enjoy it is on the side of your Internet connection. Indeed to receive a quality 8K image, Samsung and The Explorers indicate that you need a stable bandwidth with a minimum bit rate of 25 Mbps. Which is not that huge considering the video stream! A few months ago, Samsung mentioned a minimum bit rate needed around 50 Mbps. The teams have worked to replicate what Netflix has managed to do with its 4K streaming whose bit rate 8 Mbps is enough to access the first level of the 4K image. So, The Explorers will also offer levels of 25, 40, 60 and 80 Mbps where the service will rise in quality.

Our first impressions

During the conference, we were able to discover two 8K video loops. For now, we will be careful not to deliver any final verdict on the rendering of images that would be broadcast in real conditions. Understand that the 8K TV was connected to an Internet network to stream content from The Explorers servers.

So yes, the picture was beautiful, but not totally bluffing. We had other 8K demonstrations that seemed even more impressive. And then we are called to be cautious, because we also had the opportunity to watch 4K content of outstanding quality once processed and "upscaled" by Samsung's Quantum Processor and worn on its 8K televisions, even large sizes.
We will still remember that the service is not yet compatible HDR10 +, but HDR10 "only". We currently have a TV QE-75Q950R in test for which we will soon give you the test and, subsequently, a more precise opinion on our 8K experience which will begin December 1, after an update via the Internet (OTA, for Over The Air) of the product.

Be careful, blow your mouth!

So even if the 8K remains, without wanting to be pejorative, a case of rich, with very little content, we can still congratulate Samsung and The Explorers for having met the deadlines announced and launched in France a new video service in France. an unprecedented image quality in streaming. But this new announcement only brings me back to a discussion I've had with Samsung for years. Yes, the tone changes and the use of the "I" allow me to share more personally this rant.

Indeed, since 4K TVs have become a standard and this from small sizes. Since streaming services and physical media now offer a lot of content in ultra high definition, a question obsesses me. Why do not the TV manufacturers and publishers of these applications that are Netflix, Amazon or OCS, do not offer the download of content? I explain, it is now possible to download his movies and series on his smartphone or its tablet from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video applications, for example. Why do not the TV manufacturers and publishers of these apps come together to find a way to decline this option on their TVs?

Imagine a bit, even though Samsung (or other manufacturers) does not want to add a large storage capacity to its TV for not having to pay a fee on the support, all TVs now have USB ports that can accommodate a memory key. From then on, it would become possible, with the management of DRM, to use this support to download his films on his own USB key and enjoy the best cinematic experience available.

An indisputable interest for the consumer, but also for publishers who could thus encourage users to download their films or series during the night, or at least during off-peak hours. The overload of the network and therefore the energy consumption of the servers would be smoothed.

Gentlemen-ladies from Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, LG, Sony and Co, the ball is in your camp!

In short, in my opinion, the first of the manufacturers who will offer this function will have understood everything and will be the one who will guarantee to all its customers, that it lives in the heart of Paris with a fiber connection at 1 Gb / s or in the Larzac with a capricious ADSL line, to benefit from an experiment at the top, even if it is to be done more in advance to download its contents. This point, we shared with Samsung that provides no answer, except that this is the subject of application editors and this is good, because the side of The Explorers, the idea considered as "very good" and very simple to achieve. Gentlemen-ladies from Netflix, Amazon, Samsung, LG, Sony and Co, the ball is in your camp!

To conclude, we will give you an appointment in a few weeks to tell you more about this 8K service. One thing is certain, Samsung intends to prove that the 8K is not a fantasy with as a backstory, a foot call to Netflix, Amazon, Apple and other YouTube to invite them to follow the movement by proposing new compatible applications 8K for Tizen OS. Because if it exists today on YouTube (for example), videos that are named "8K something" the player of the TV 8K does not allow the display in such a definition.


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