9 reasons why you always feel tired –

You always feel tired while not working ridiculously long days, not drinking too much and also sleeping reasonably well. What could it be? The doctors at Cleveland Health think the following:


If you have an iron deficiency, you are not making enough red blood cells. These cells are necessary to provide your body with the right amount of oxygen so that organs can function properly. It can cause you to feel exhausted.

sleep apnea

Are you up all night? You may have sleep apnea, a sleep disorder in which your breathing is interrupted during sleep.


It makes sense that if you’re pregnant, you might be more tired than usual.

“It puts a strain on your body,” says family medicine specialist Dr. anchor man. ‘You grow another human being in your body. Your body works to support you and the fetus with blood flow and energy.”

Especially in your first trimester, you make more progesterone, a hormone that can make you feel fatigued.

diabetes mellitus

For people with diabetes, fatigue is one of the main symptoms.

“If people do not manage their diabetes well, they will see a spike in their blood sugar,” says Dr. anchor man. “Having those spikes can actually dehydrate you slightly and that can cause fatigue.”


Talking to your doctor about how tired you are is a good starting point for determining if there are underlying causes, Dr. Ankerman says. Your doctor will start with your medical history, doing a physical exam, and possibly asking for blood tests.

“If that’s all normal and we can’t find a cause of fatigue or fatigue, we’re going to look into mood disorders,” says Dr. Ankerman.

Depression can cause you to have little interest in daily activities, which can lead to fatigue and affect your eating and sleeping habits.

Slow functioning thyroid gland

Hypothyroidism, a condition in which the thyroid gland (a small, butterfly-shaped organ in the front of your neck) doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. Your metabolism starts to slow down and that can lead to fatigue.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Reduced kidney function can lead to a build-up of toxins and impurities in the blood, which can leave you feeling tired and weak. Another risk factor? You can get anemia, which can also explain your fatigue.

“Especially patients with end-stage kidney disease or patients on dialysis may experience fatigue,” says Dr. anchor man.

Bacterial or viral infection

You have a cold or flu. You feel exhausted and tired. That’s because your body fights the infection and puts a strain on your immune system.

“More serious bacterial and viral infections can interact with different organ systems, causing fatigue,” says Dr. anchor man.

Infections such as mononucleosis and COVID-19 can even cause prolonged fatigue.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Are you not getting enough vitamin B12 or vitamin D? That can make you feel tired too.

“I normally look for certain nutritional deficiencies,” says Dr. anchor man. “Having a vitamin deficiency can cause problems with fatigue.”

Bron(nen): Cleveland Health