9 tips to stop gastro quickly and well

It is not for nothing that the ancients spoke of “stomach flu” when they were bedridden with gastroenteritis. In fact, the gastro virus is rife, like the flu and other winter viruses, mainly from November to March. But this year, gastro seems to invite itself a little earlier in French homes.

Last year the number of people affected by norovirus (the group of viruses that cause gastroenteritis) had reached a historically low level, “never seen in 10 years of monitoring gastro activity” as pointed out. Public health France, in particular because of confinement and physical distancing. But this year, gastro seems to want to take its revenge. The drop in vigilance on the side of barrier gestures and our immune system forced to rest for a few months could help it.

Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, fatigue: the symptoms of gastrointestinal illness are well known, especially since few people do not experience at least one episode during the winter. Since noroviruses are very easily transmitted, you only have to take public transport again, share a shared toilet again or work 8 hours a day in the open space to run the risk of catching gastroenteritis. The only solutions to escape it: washing hands as in the early days of the covid-19 epidemic and using hydroalcoholic gel. (…)

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