9-year-old boy dies from covid-19 in Argentina: his family decided to go first to a “healer” | Society

The death of Tobias, a child under 9 years old, shocks in Argentina. The little one died after catching Covid-19, the disease that has put the world in check. However, the details surrounding the death are those that have caused the most outrage: his family decided go first to a “healer” rather than to a healthcare facility.

According to the trans-Andean newspaper Clarin, the events occurred in the province of Formosa, in the northeast of the country.

The Minister of Government of Formosa, Jorge gonzalez, announced on Tuesday the death of the minor along with five others affected by the disease. In the instance, they also detailed that the child did not present risk factors.

Despite not having underlying diseases, the infectologist Julian Bibolini, who accompanied González in a press conference, explained that “he entered the hospital with a picture of severe pneumonia” and although he was treated after requiring oxygen for his respiratory failure, he ended up dying.

“By references from health personnel, the child had three or four previous days with symptoms of Covid-19 and it was detected that the family consulted a healer and not the health system initially”Bibolini accused, later calling accredited health centers for early consultation.

Tobías had been diagnosed with covid-19 through an antigen test. Despite the result, the authority continued stating that it is being studied whether he could eventually have suffered from other undiagnosed conditions.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, Argentina registers until this Wednesday and since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 4.7 million infected with the disease. The death toll exceeds 102 thousand people.

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Meanwhile, according to the same academic institution, 5.4 million people have been vaccinated with the complete inoculation scheme, 12.20% of the population. 28 million doses have been delivered.