9-year-old girl beat a thief to defend her mother | World

Journee Nelson, a little 9-year-old girl, has been decorated by the West Palm Beach Police Department in Florida, USA , after he faced a thief who attacked his mother.

The events occurred when the minor and her mother were leaving a supermarket and heading to their car. There the thief approached the woman, threw her to the ground and began to struggle with her to snatch her purse.

In a heroic act, the little girl surrounded the vehicle and when she had a chance she approached and hit the thief repeatedly .

After the blows provided by the girl, the criminal took the bag and ran, but the little girl had not finished and ran after the man for four blocks.

Journee Nelson received a medal “for her courage”, a certificate and a gift card to use in a chain supermarket in the North American country.

The criminal was captured two days later. He was identified as Demetrius Jackson, a 29-year-old man, and was charged with robbery and battery.

Police Chief Frank Adderley, however, stated: “I wouldn’t recommend facing such an individual, but in the heat of the moment these things happen.”