90-day fiancé: Have you always been happy? Sneak Peek: Can Chantel and Pedro ever break away from the family brawl?


A family brawl is not easy to overcome. Just ask Pedro and Chantel from 90 day fiancee,

In the above exclusively 90-day fiancé: Have you always been happy? Fuck, the two are still struck by the epic fight between Chantel's family and her husband Pedro and his sister in front of cameras.

"After fighting with Chantel's family, I do not feel emotional support [from] her for me If your wife is not at your side, if your wife thinks about the problem, that's what makes me feel like I'm nothing. I'm like the king, "says Pedro in the clip.

The last time viewers watched Chantel and Pedro on television was "The Couples Tell All" at the reunion in July 2018. The wounds were still fresh from the fight and they were not on the same side. Now they talk about babies instead of having them.

"I do not feel that Pedro understands where I come from when I say that I do not want to have children in a chaotic family, I just do not want to have a child and torn the child between them My family and Pedro are like me", says Chantel.

The two are fighting for communication. How can a move help them find their way around the family drama?

"Go to Savannah and move the problem from one place to another because Chantel still blames me for the rights," says Pedro.

Pedro and Chantel are just a couple attending Happily ever after? Season four, they are there Soot and Paola, Nicole and Azan, Elisabeth and Andrei, Ashley and Jay and foal and Larissa, This will not be the last thing you'll ever see of Pedro and Chantel, the two of them will be starring alongside their families The family Chantel, a new spinoff premiere in July 2019.

90-day fiancé: Have you always been happy? Season four premieres Sunday, April 28 at 8 pm, with a new "Pillow Talk", which will air on Mondays at 10 pm. with former 90 days Stars that came down the night before.


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