90% of iPhones in the last four years upgraded to iOS 16 ahead of iOS 17 release

Apple has announced that 90% of iPhones in the past four years have switched to the latest iOS 16 update.

A few days before unveiling iOS 17 which will bring its share of new features to Apple devices, the American brand welcomed the adoption of the previous version of its operating system.

iPhone 11-14 users overwhelmingly switched to iOS 16 since its deployment last fall (90% of devices).

Available in particular for the iPhone 8 and following, the Apple operating system is even installed on 81% of all compatible devices. This is a little more than last year at the same time when there were 89% of iPhones released in the previous four years that had been updated to iOS 15. But their latest OS at the time had started badly with only 63% of iPhones having made the switch four months after it became available (72% of devices in the last four years in January 2022).

The majority of users opt for automatic updates

At Apple, we must especially congratulate ourselves on such a rapid adoption which makes it possible to secure the iPhones in circulation much more. The various updates launched over time, in particular iOS 16.4.1 which reinforced many security points (latest update: iOS 16.5), are now mostly automatically deployed on products, we note at Apple. It must be said that an effort has been made lately to make them more detailed and more precise as to the content to come (just click on the detail of the proposed update). But also by leaving the possibility to users of older devices to stay on the previous version while benefiting from dedicated improvements.

iOS 16 and its new features
iOS 16 and its new features © Apple

The updates make it possible to stabilize the devices as well as to bring new functionalities such as Freeform, the home application like a whiteboard to note and organize everything, or even bursts of new emoji.

Next week, at WWDC, Tim Cook and his family should reveal the new features that will be included in the next version iOS 17. This does not look like the most revolutionary, but it should strengthen many functions already integrated (Apple Music, Calendar), but also review in particular iphone locked screen.

2023-06-01 14:56:00

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