900 people who were “furiously fired” at a video conference were bombarded and the CEO involved is reported to be returning to work (11:37) – 20220120 – Instant Financial News

The report quoted a board letter to employees saying Garg reflected on his leadership during a sabbatical that began last month and worked under the guidance of an executive coach. The letter said the board had full confidence in Vishal and the changes he promised to make, adding that he could provide the company with leadership, focus and vision.

In another letter, the board said it would expand the company’s leadership team. The company is currently looking for a chairman, president and human resources director.

Vishal Garg sent a letter apologizing to employees after the 900-person incident, saying that he did not show proper respect to the affected employees, nor did he express proper appreciation for their contributions, admit his mistakes, and make the employees feel embarrassed.

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900 people were bombarded in a video conference, the CEO involved is reported to be returning to work

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