94 thousand dollars in 116 bottles of champagne and a party in Las Vegas with a woman who is not his wife: the scandal of a Manchester City star

He spent 94 thousand dollars on 116 bottles of champagne, was shown with friends and women in a pool and was seen with a lady who is his wife

Jack Grealishone of the top figures of Manchester Citywas filmed in Las Vegas, where he spends his holidays with friends, after a brief stay at the Ibiza Beach Club, where he celebrated the Premier League title. But the new scandal that shakes one of the stars commanded by Pep Guardiola is due to the fact that organized several parties loaded with alcohol and even saw it accompanied by a woman who is not his wife.

The video of the party with women in a pool full of beer cans was contributed by the British newspaper The Sun. There you can see Grealish with Liverpool footballer Andy Robertson. The media reported that during their celebrations He spent $94,000 on 116 bottles of champagne. and that during the day in the pool, he kept pouring a $3,700 rosé wine into the mouths of his friends.

After the festivities, the same medium photographed the moment in which a member of the Grealish security exchanged telephone numbers with a group of womenwho some time later were seen heading towards the suites where Jack and his friends were.

The party started the night before where was he in a vip of a las vegas nightclub and he was seen very close to a woman who is not Sasha Attwood, his wife. As reported, the 26-year-old striker He was smiling with the young lady until dawn and thenwith the Englishman totally intoxicated, they left the place together on a bus that the soccer player had rented.

Sasha Attwood, wife of Grealish
Sasha Attwood, wife of Grealish

“Grealish is so attractive that a group of attractive young women in bikinis were wandering around hoping to meet their idol. Soon they went to the suites, ”said the British media The Sun.

It is not the first time that Grealish has been involved in a scandal of this type, for being with other women. The last known was when the influencer Chloé Brockett assured that they had had an affair on their vacation in Mykonos. In addition, the Manchester City player was related to actress Emily Atack and Amber Gill, renowned host of the ‘Love Island’ program.

“I am the most expensive British player, but I am also the Jack of Solihull that my friends and family know. I know people were saying last week that I was doing ‘too much’, but I just won the Premier League. It is a dream come true. Why can’t I go on vacation? He sustained a short time ago in the face of criticism for his eccentricities.

Declan RiceWest Ham midfielder and member of the English national team, also chose the “City of Sin” to spend his vacations, where he was seen with a group of women. “Declan seemed to be in heaven but behaved like a gentleman”, a witness told the newspaper The Sun.

It is worth remembering that Phil Foden, another of the stars of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, starred in a scandal with Mason Grenwood when they made two women enter the hotel where the English team was concentrated.

However, in social networks they questioned the attitude of Jack Grealish, who did not have a good season. It is worth remembering that the Manchester City paid about 125 million dollars, being the most expensive purchase in its history.


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