A $ 1.5 million gold and diamond mask to protect yourself and shine in society

Art, rather than ostentation, is the principle that guided the creation of the world‘s most expensive anti-coronavirus mask. At least that is the certainty of the Israeli jewelers who designed and produced this most surprising object worth $ 1.5 million for a Chinese customer from Shanghai living in the United States.

The mask is made up of an 18-carat gold structure weighing 250 grams dotted with 3,608 black and white diamonds representing a total of 210 carats. It will be fitted with an N99 filter to provide a high level of protection, said Isaac Levy, owner of the Yvel jewelry brand. “I don’t think (the customer) is going to use it on their way to the supermarket, but they are going to use it here and there I’m sure», Isaac Levy declared.

A team of around 25 artisans work on this diamond mask considered to be a work of art. RONEN ZVULUN / REUTERS

The sponsor, a Chinese art collector living in the United States, is a regular at the house. “He is one of our young clients, very charming, very sociable, very rich and he likes to stand out», Simply explained Isaac Levy, stressing that the order was, for him, an act of patronage and financial support towards the company which employs 150 people. The jeweler plans to wear the mask in person to its sponsor when it’s finished, expected in October. “We absolutely must deliver the mask before December 31, specifies Orna Levy on her website. Otherwise the order will be canceled. “

Still anonymous, the client is said to be a Chinese art collector living in the United States. RONEN ZVULUN / REUTERS

The mask, on which a team of around 25 craftsmen are working, could be seen as a display of somewhat misplaced wealth in times of economic hardship, but for Isaac Levy, it is above all a work of art.

The mask is still in progress and must be delivered before the end of the year. RONEN ZVULUN / REUTERS

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