A 1,000-year-old human skeleton discovered in a cave in Isère

The skeleton of a man who lived in the Middle Ages was discovered at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters, in a cave near the Col des Deux Sœurs, in the Vercors (Isère). According to the team of speleologists of the Speleological Association Vercors, he is a man in his forties, rather robust, reports The Dauphine Libere.

“Human skeletons at this altitude, it’s not usual. At first I thought it was a prehistoric man, looking at his head, with a square orbit”, explained the archaeologist in charge of the operation. And to add: “This is someone from the Middle Ages. However, the populations of the 11th century are poorly known, a fortiori in the mountains. “.

A little-known era

According to the archaeologist, this man would not have died in this cave; his body would have been deposited there. The body would be in good condition except at the level of his teeth where some abscesses were detected.

This discovery will allow researchers to learn more about the practices of the Middle Ages in the Vercors.

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