A 14-year-old teenager shot dead a disabled classmate: “I am a Saint and superior to her”

A violent episode moves Brazilian citizens. In a school in the city of Barreiras, in the state of Bahia, a 14 year old entered the facility and shot dead a disabled classmate.

According to what was reported by the police, everything happened around 07:20 this Monday at the Eurides Santanna Municipal School. The attacker had entered the school shooting into the air. the troops they shot him, they managed to reduce him and he is detained, according to the news network Bahia TV.

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The teenager lived in Brasilia and recently moved with his family to the area where the attack occurred, although he was not comfortable there. In your social networks had warned about his plan because it was considered “holy” and “superior” to the inhabitants of the region, which is the poorest in the country.

The aggressor arrived that morning dressed in his school uniform and at the door, according to witnesses, started shooting. The images recorded by a neighbor captured the moment in which the rest of the students They were escaping from the institution through the side door after the shooting.

Geane da Silva de Brito was 19 years old and died after being attacked. (Photo: Fala Barreiras)

Police spokesman Aparecido Freitas said that the main objective was a teenage girl in wheelchairs with disabilities, named Jeane Da Silva Brito, 19, whom he shot her twice and cut her with a knife.

“Wearing a black uniform, wearing dark glasses, He entered armed defying everyone”he explained and added: “When the police arrived, He shot him and he was hit.”

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For her part, the pedagogical coordinator Mónica Patricia recounted what the moment of the attack was like: “We couldn’t believe it; we started running when he started shooting. We were in shock and trying to protect the students.”

The 14-year-old was arrested

The aggressor had to be admitted to the Hospital General del Oeste, in Barreras, and remains under police custody. On the hidden part of the internet, called the “deep web,” he shared a 29-page manifesto with Nazi groups.

The Eurides Sant'anna Municipal School was the scene of the attack.  (Photo: courtesy Jornal Novoeste)
The Eurides Sant’anna Municipal School was the scene of the attack. (Photo: courtesy Jornal Novoeste)

In one of the paragraphs he assured that it was “enlightened” and “holy” and that he did not deserve to share his time with “inferior people”. He also wrote racist insults against the inhabitants of the city. “I never thought this Northeast shit was going to be so disgusting with lesbians, gays, and outcasts who think they’re worth knowing me and knowing my holiness. They will feel divine wrath,” she had written.

According to the Civil Police, the interactions took place on the network called True Crime Communitywhere he used the number 88 to, supposedly, identify himself with the greeting Nazi Heil Hitler and with the “incel”, the young integralists of celibacy who spread misogyny.

In addition, the young man believed that he was going to die in the attack: “Soon I will be with my face, eyes, lungs and other parts of the body being devoured by worms.”