A 16-year-old children’s television star has died. They found her dead in the car

Children’s TV star Kailia Posey, who became famous a decade ago in her reality show Little Queen of Beauty, is dead. A 16-year-old model was found dead in a car in Washington National Park. According to the survivors, she committed suicide.

The TMZ portal informed about the death of the young reality show star. “I can’t find any words or thoughts. My beloved beautiful little girl is gone. Please give us privacy while mourning for Kailia,” said the mother of the deceased beauty, who was trying to succeed in the world of modeling.

Posey is famous for the reality show Little Queen of Beauty. One of the scenes with her even became viral and circulated on social networks like a moving picture. She was found in a car in a national park in the US state of Washington on Tuesday without any signs of life. According to the family, she committed suicide, Page Six reported.

She had long suffered from mental health problems. “We knew she was struggling with a few things, and we did everything we could to support and help her,” said one of Posey’s friends.

The case is being handled by Washington police.