A 70-year-old man dies when his electric generator explodes in Arecibo

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A 70-year-old man died this morning, Monday, when the electric generator that he was trying to turn on in his residence exploded, without electricity due to the hurricane fionain the Hato Arriba neighborhood, in Arecibo.

According to him Police Bureauthe incident occurred at 9:52 am, when the septuagenarian, identified as José Cruz Román, was trying to operate his electric generator.

The victim’s wife suffered burns to her face and arms while trying to help him. Police reported that she was taken to a hospital and her condition is stable.

The electric generator was in a room at the back of the residence.

In his social networks, he Bureau of the Fire Department has urged citizens to make correct use of electric generators in the midst of the current emergency.

“Turn off generators and let them cool down before refueling. Never fill an electric generator while it is hot. Firefighters recalled. “Store the fuel for the electric generator in a container designed for that purpose and duly labeled as such. Store containers outside of habitable areas.”

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