A 9-year-old girl died in an accident on the Via Lattea tracks. She was transported to the Regina Margherita hospital in very serious condition by the 118 helicopter. The little girl, a small Roman tourist, fell on skis on the "funnel" track of Sauze d'Oulx. She rolled for fifty meters and ended up off the track and slammed first on a windbreak barrier and then on the ground and got a severe chest injury that caused her a cardiocirculatory arrest.

The 118 health workers revived the baby for 30 minutes before being able to transfer her to the helicopter. But the rescues have been in vain. On the spot where the incident took place, the carabinieri of Oulx arrived and investigated the incident. And they kidnapped the girl's helmet and clothing. The investigation is coordinated by pm Valerio Longi. A similar incident had occurred on a nearby track a year ago.

"The track 'Imbuto' is a red track, an already demanding track for good skiers", explains Giovanni Brasso, president of Sestrieres spa, the company that manages the facilities of the Via Lattea ski resort, in the upper Valle di Susa, one of the most important in the North-West and which includes several ski resorts as well as Sestriere as Sauze d'Oulx, San Sicario, Cesana and Clavière. Location in these days very busy by skiers not only Italians.
"That track – continues Brasso – is sure: regularly palinated, with signs that recommend slowing down and with the windbreak barrier outside the runway.The visibility was good.At this time, for all of us, sadness is predominant. we offer fun – concludes Brasso – and when these things happen we are the first ones to be affected and to suffer from them ".



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