A. Armonaita, who was visiting Klaipėda, was shocked by the sight

The delegation of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation with Minister Aušrina Armonaita, who visited Klaipėda yesterday, was surprised when they arrived at the sea and saw black sand being poured from a ship near the beach in a fountain. It became a topic of conversation with surfing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The visit is not on Friday

A. Armonaitė’s visit to Klaipėda was exceptional for several reasons.

What was unusual was the fact that the head of the ministry and the employees did not come to the sea on the last working day of the week, as other guests from the capital usually do, but returned to Vilnius on Tuesday and the same day.

The visit started with a visit to the seaside.

The guests were greeted by a memorable sight – not far from the shore, vacationers, the minister and her subordinates were watching the work of a ship dredging the bottom of the harbor channel. A black mass poured from it in a huge fountain.

“Everyone was quite surprised to see such a color of sand, the images seen did not inspire good thoughts. Despite what the port director swore, assuring him that it was almost the white sand of the beaches of Bali. It was a very good opportunity to see that in reality it is not quite like that. There was no goal to see how they dig and what they pour, but it was a very good chance to see it while talking to representatives of surfers,” said Klaipėda Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas. “I didn’t measure the pollution of the sand, but the people who catch the wind and waves here told me about something that they had never seen before it wasn’t – they’re finding traces of petroleum products on the surfboards. I don’t want to throw shade at anyone, but I’m saying what I and the minister and her team have heard.”

Everyone was quite surprised to see such a beige color, the images they saw did not inspire good thoughts.

He listened to the businessman

The mayor testified that he did not want to associate such observations with the ongoing dredging of the harbor channel and the enrichment of beaches with excavated sand, but what people are saying needs to be heard.

V. Grubliauskas said that he did not want to attack or advocate, but he would like specialists to provide research data.

The enrichment of the coasts with bottom soil excavated in the port will soon be completed, but this is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, A. Armonaitė visited the seashore at the invitation of a medium-sized business representative and listened to his concerns.

Would like more attention

The mayor of Klaipėda did not only talk about the pains of Klaipėda residents to the minister at the business lunch table.

They also talked about the sounding possibilities of Klaipėda and the whole of Lithuania.

It is specifically mentioned that the possibilities of Klaipėda’s publicity with cruise ships are poor, because Klaipėda citizens go to various conferences and exhibitions only with money from the Klaipėda budget, although this is not entirely true.

The Ministry’s help in promoting Klaipėda and our port has been requested.

The aspiration to attract an international ferry line connecting Lithuania to Poland to Klaipėda was also discussed.

An old topic was also remembered – the desire to have at least one more flight direction to Germany. The expectation of small and medium-sized businesses that airplanes fly from Palanga to Hamburg or Frankfurt, Berlin.

This would increase the attractiveness of Western Lithuania.