A baby is born at the Lorraine TGV station on a train linking Paris to Strasbourg

A pregnant woman felt full contractions during the journey, forcing the train to stop for a prolonged period, for nearly 80 minutes, so that she could give birth in complete serenity.

A happy railway event. Félix, a newborn, pointed the tip of his nose Sunday morning, in a train connecting Paris to Strasbourg, direction Germany, at the level of the station of Lorraine TGV, report France Bleu and The Lorraine Republican.

Around 8 a.m., one hour after the departure of ICE 9571 from Paris, the skipper was informed of the contractions and loss of water of a traveler and immediately notified the operational center which manages the TGV East line. A call on board was made on the train, allowing a doctor to come to the aid, a spokeswoman told AFP.

The train exceptionally stopped at 8:10 a.m. at Lorraine TGV station, in Louvigny, in Moselle, to allow the traveler to be taken care of by firefighters. But “due to the emergency, the delivery took place on the train,” she added.

“Everything went well,” and the newborn, a baby boy named Felix, was born around 9:10 a.m., she continued. The mother and child were taken to hospital by firefighters.

The train, which was to connect Paris to Stuttgart, therefore left one hour and twenty minutes late, and did not go further than Karlsruhe, in the south-west of Germany. The director of the axis sent a bouquet of flowers to the parents, according to the spokesperson.

Clement Boutin with AFP BFMTV journalist