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MOURNING: Mike Lynch (left) was the international manager of the late Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby. Here, the two pose for a selfie in Gothenburg in 2019.

The late Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby’s international manager talks about demanding corona years for the artist. Mike Lynch himself ended up in denial when he learned that “Hank von Hell” was dead.


In a deeply personal email to VG, manager Mike Lynch at Arc Flame Entertainment describes how he became a machine version of himself when he learned that the artist he represented had passed away.

– Friday was tough. It was a surreal day at the office, Lynch writes.

He says that he was working very concentrated on a music release for another of his artists when the phone suddenly rang. At the other end, he heard the voice of Husby’s Norwegian manager, Boye Nythun.

– I was in shock and did not let the news really sink in. The rest of the day I continued to work as a kind of “business robot”; I handled rumors and discreetly informed our partner team about the terrible news. By Friday night, it had really sunk in that Hans-Erik was gone …, Lynch continues.

FRIENDS: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby (left) and his international manager Mike Lynch.

Was pleasantly surprised

With 35 years of experience from the rock industry, he makes it clear that “Hank von Hell”, which was Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby’s international artist name, touched Lynch deeply as a human being.

– He was simply the best frontman any rock band could ever dream of having on stage. He always managed to create a connection with the audience with his humor and special charm.

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Mike Lynch gives Dyvik’s Norwegian manager, Boye Nythun, the main credit for the artist’s career with both the band Turboneger and as a solo artist. He himself came into the picture between Hysby’s last two album releases, and has been responsible for representing him internationally.

IN FULL REGALES: The late Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby as his alias Hank von Helvete, photographed in 2007.

The top manager’s personal acquaintance with Husby began eleven years ago, when he was commissioned to work with the artist’s new group Doctor Midnight and the Mercy Cult. Lynch would then take care of the daily schedule and look for the band during the tour.

Something he did not look forward to without reservation:

– I had heard all the stories about Hank on tour with Turboneger and wondered what I had messed myself up in, Lynch admits.

– It turned out that Hank and the band were wonderful to work with. Great people and fabulous memories.

RICH CAREER: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby in conversation with Morten Harket at the champagne party after the premiere of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Det Norske Teatret in 2009 where Dyvik played the lead role.

Asked for help

After the assignment was completed, Lynch and Husby maintained contact. They talked about working more together, but did not get to this until after the release of Hank von Helvete’s second solo album «Dead».

– I got a mysterious call from an unknown number: “Hey bro, it’s Hank … This tour thing is tough … I need your help and expertise pronto”. Of course I answered “Yes, sir!”, Says Lynch.

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Everything was then arranged for a huge tour, but the corona pandemic led to several postponements and cancellations.

THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK: Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby pictured in 2013 when he changed to a healthier lifestyle and spoke openly about this.

– Covid has had a devastating effect on live events and the entertainment industry. Our plans were, as for so many others, put on hold, Lynch writes.

But brighter times awaited:

– 2022 was already almost fully booked with touring activities, music festivals and Hans-Erik’s return to the theater stage towards the end of the year, he says.

– Brilliant

The 49-year-old Husby’s death has shaken Mike Lynch in a way that makes him struggle to take in the realities, the international manager confides.

– I keep thinking that this is a bad dream.

He emphasizes that he feels privileged to both work with and have a friendship with Husby.

NAME MEETING: Hans-Erik Dyrvik Husby alias «Hank von Hell» at the place Hell, Trøndelag, during a tour in 2011.

– Both on stage and off it, he was genuinely charismatic, warm, funny and deep-thinking. He spent time talking to everyone about anything. To put it simply, he was brilliant.

Lynch also experienced Husby as a man who cared about family and friends.

– He was a very warm person if you were lucky enough to know him. He’s going to be sorely missed.