a balance sheet marked by general malaise

This is the first point raised by Thierry Pocquet du Haut-Jussé, Attorney General at the Dijon Court of Appeal, during the jurisdictional council on Friday: the means of justice. “Although there are improvements, we are starting from a situation so degraded that we are far from the mark, contrary to what certain political figures have been able to express”, he underlines. And to illustrate his point with known figures, but which are still just as striking when they are read or heard: “France has two times fewer judges and civil servants and four times fewer public prosecutors than the European averages “.

The lack of resources allocated to justice contributes to the malaise of an entire institution in crisis. In the same way as the complexity of the law, which tends to make the translation of the files unmanageable: “It is difficult to judge serenely in front of texts in constant evolution”, points out the first president of the court…