A “basic stop” in Ramadan.. A journey among the stalls of Al-Qaisariya market in Saudi Arabia

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Although empty streets and silent shops at noon are a common sight during Ramadan, it is more than compensated for by sunset. During that period, the roads and alleys come alive, as fasting people derive energy after a delicious breakfast.

This magical atmosphere is embodied in the Qaysariyya market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is an important destination during the month of Ramadan, according to what the Saudi photographer, Nasser Ali Al-Nasser, said in an interview with CNN in Arabic.

The Al-Qaisariya market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is home to hidden gems, according to the official website of the “Spirit of Saudi Arabia”.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser

Despite the prevailing opinion that determines the establishment and construction of the market in 1822, some historians claim that it was mentioned in historical documents dating back 600 years, according to the official website of the “Saudi Spirit”, which is supervised by the Saudi Tourism Authority.

Photographer, Nasser Ali Al-Nasser, has documented the Qaysariyya market over the years.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser

Al-Nasser, who grew up in Al-Ahsa Governorate, documented this historical destination over many years, and said: “Al-Qaysariyya Market is considered … in the month of Ramadan an essential stop for the people of Al-Ahsa, in terms of their preparations for the month of Ramadan and the days of Eid, including foodstuffs, and clothes of all kinds for men and women.” .

mud structures of the market.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser

The Saudi photographer added: “The market is not devoid of residents of the Gulf countries and (visitors) from outside Al-Ahsa Governorate on a daily basis.”

The spirit of Ramadan nights and the features of the market, which extends over an area of ​​7 thousand square meters, is embodied through its images.

The market hosts more than 400 stalls.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser

The pictures show a group of men chatting in front of a store, and the various shops frequented by people, in addition to the groups that investigate the best deals and prices in front of the vendors’ tables rich in various types of dates, fruits, spices, and other products.

The old market has historical and cultural significance.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser
A scene that embodies the Ramadan atmosphere in the market.
Credit: Nasser Al Nasser

The photographer was keen to return to the market again and again because it had witnessed “remarkable development” over the years, according to what he said.

The “Spirit of Saudi Arabia” website indicated that a fire almost killed the market in 2001, but it is still there thanks to a project to repair its mud buildings.

The market has more than 400 stalls spread across a maze of corridors.

It is considered among the main landmarks that qualified Al-Ahsa Oasis to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2018, according to the official website of the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”.

Al-Nasser started photography in 2008, and he is a member of the International Federation of Photography (FIAP).

The photographer achieved international and local achievements in the field of photography, and he also participated in events such as the “Bridges” initiative organized by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), and the exhibition of the first International Silk Road Photography Festival.

He was also selected as a member of the jury in the “Saudi Colors” photography competition in 2018.