A Belgian comes to the police with a machine gun on his hood | Car

The police of the French department of North, along the border with Belgium, unpacks the photo on Facebook. The Belgian was taken off the road on Sunday. “He may think our roads are dangerous,” the police responded with a smile in the Facebook post. “Luckily for him, there are cops to keep it safe.”

It is unclear whether the driver was fined. In any case, the ‘catch’ leads to hilarity in the thousands of reactions to the Facebook post. “That serves to get rid of those who drive 110 in the left lane … Ratatataataaaaaaa”, someone wrote in a comment. “Good day sir, Ukraine is the other way,” said someone else. “Humour, humour, that’s why I love the Belgians so much”, it also sounds. “If the driver was otherwise okay, I hope the police won’t be too difficult about it.”