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(Motorsport-Total.com) – It was a sight that Robin Frijns could certainly get used to: On Sunday, his girlfriend Maike Katarina Frik suddenly appeared on the grid as a grid girl in front of his car. Saturday’s DTM winner was visibly surprised when he suddenly spotted his partner in front of the car. Frik had promised the Dutchman exactly that for his first race win, but Frijns hadn’t thought of that anymore.

Robin Frijns

Robin Frijns posts with his girlfriend in front of the car Zoom

Frijns and Frik have been a couple for two years. At Abt, the German is also one of the essential staff as a team organizer, but at the DTM race in Assen she slipped into a completely new role for a short time.

The two had probably made the deal earlier. Frijns told ‘Sat.1’: “I didn’t know anything about it. We’ve been together for about two years now, but I totally forgot that we had bet that she would be my grid girl when I win my first race . And now it stands here. “

DTM Assen 2020: Frijn’s girlfriend surprises as a grid girl

“Betting debts are debts of honor,” says Audi driver Robin Frijns’ partner after his first DTM victory More DTM videos

“He didn’t suspect anything at all, but betting debts are debts of honor and that’s why I’m here now,” said Frik to ‘Sat.1’. When asked if there will be any more bets, she replies: “Not about the Powergirl outfit. I think that was the last time.”

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Frijns won his DTM home race in Assen for Audi on Saturday ahead of Loic Duval and Nico Müller. Mike Rockenfeller and Rene Rast completed the top five behind them. In the second race, the Dutchman at least made it to second place behind Sheldon van der Linde, who surprisingly won the race. Müller, Duval and Rast rounded off the top 5.


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