A big BOOM heard between Charleroi and Mons: what happened?

“Detonation like an explosion heard in Ath, Mons, Enghien, Leuze, …“Alex writes to us via the orange Alert us button.

You are moreover very numerous to report to us having heard an explosion followed by an intense vibration in the region of the center, from Charleroi to Mons and this in many entities.

Information taken from the Defense, an F-16 type fighter plane has crossed the sound barrier: “This afternoon around 2:25 p.m. an F-16 from the Florennes air base broke the sound barrier south of Charleroi during the execution of a training mission in the airspace reserved for this purpose.”

The sound barrier, a physical phenomenon of an acoustic nature, is crossed when an airplane exceeds the speed of sound, ie 1,224 km / h (340m / s).

The Defense apologizes for the inconvenience caused.