A big secret has been revealed about Schumacher’s treatment

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At the end of this year, it will be ten years since the accident in which Michael Schumacher suffered a severe blow to the head while skiing. Since then, very little has been known about his condition, and fragmentary information has come from close family members who drop hints to the media.

Very little is known about the treatment itself, which the seven-time Formula 1 world champion underwent. A few years ago, it became clear that the legendary pilot was visiting Dr. Philippe Menache at a French clinic, where he was being treated with experimental stem cell therapy. The Italian neurologist Nicola Achari claims that in addition to all the brain damage that Schumi suffered from osteoporosis. The reason for this is the prolonged period in which he is confined to bed.

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The treatment of 54-year-old Michael Schumacher is not cheap at all. It is believed to have melted away the fortune he had accumulated during his racing career. People in the know estimate that the minimum weekly amount that the family spends on his therapy amounts to 210,000 euros. This means that almost 11 million go within a year.

In order for the family to meet these expenses, Schumacher’s wife was forced to sell part of the movable and immovable property. The family villa in Norway was sold for 3.5 million euros. Pileto’s personal plane was sold for 38 million.

Recently, Corinna – the wife of the former Benetton, Ferrari and Mercedes racer – has also put the luxury residence on the shores of Lake Geneva up for sale. It is valued at €5.8 million, which is €2.3 million more than the price Michael Schumacher paid for the property in 2002.

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