“A black in Dupont de Ligonnès, that must have destabilized!”

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They kept it a secret until the end. As well Laurent Ruquier, who revealed before the hour that few details on his new talk-show, that he, Kody (Kim), the Belgian comedian and comedian who takes a new step in his career.

Less installed in France than with us, the king of the make-up with the “Grand cactus” had for mission, Saturday evening live – and therefore without a net – to make laugh the mini-public and the guests of the very beautiful (red, and dim lights ) decor of “On est en direct”. And, obviously, to provoke a few smirks at the owner of the place, Laurent Ruquier. Verdict?

So, after having struck hard from the outset with the first guest of the show, Eric Dupont-Moretti, now Minister of Justice in France, the host of France 2 announced the arrival of an “unexpected witness”. “No premiere without the scoop, here is Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès! “. And Kody disembarking, in rags, covered in dust and mushrooms, several backpacks, and causing general hilarity. Successful first for the Belgian comedian.

► The Belgian comedian debriefs this first performance: “A black guy in Dupont de Ligonnès, that must have destabilized!” “

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